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Blurred Vision

The series of pixilated portraits titled Blurred Vision is an expression of my fascination with repetition and my education as a weaver. The effect of like objects organized en mass echoes this training, and though I am now working in a less edible medium, this collection was inspired by a pixilated image of our son I made with M&Ms and gave to my wife in 2009. In search of a less tasty alternative, I chose bottle caps as they provide access to a variety of colors and designs.


Pixelated images are everywhere in contemporary art, advertisement, and entertainment media. Unlike the pixilated images we all see on a television or computer screen, these objects have physical presence. As large scale 3-d objects, they can be touched and experienced. While up close the caps can appear to be haphazardly arranged on pieces of wood or in abstract fields of color, when viewed from a distance or via a digital device (which is ironic in itself), the full power of each image comes into view.


I encourage the viewer to interact with the work, photograph it, view it on a screen, look at it up close, from a distance, and from different angles. I still enjoy being surprised by it as I accidently capture a glimpse or a portrait, its reflection in a mirror, or in the background on the screen as I Skype with my parents.


Enjoy, cheers.



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